List of features

We are constantly working on improving our features and adding more features. This is just some of what we offer.


Ability to create custom bundles , set your own rate, time and number of photos and photoshoot location.
Online Booking, Schedualing.


Set slots at your own schedule, sync with your calendar and accept or deny the photoshoot.
Google Calendar Sync.

Integration to your website

With a snip of code we generate, you can copy and paste the code to your website. Your bundles displayed for booking,
Wix, SquareSpace, Weebly ...

Share photos

Uploading the photos to our system where it will allow your customer to select what they like before you edit.
Client Gallery, Photo Proofing, Digital Download.


At the time of booking we hold the funds, so you are guaranteed payment after your photoshoot.
Payment, Stripe, Direct Deposit.


Your photoshoot photos stay in our system for your access, you don't need to keep them in your machine anymore.
Digital Download, Photos Storage.

Photo rights

Clear agreement between you and the customer on who owns the photos , who is allowed to sell or use them.


Exchange messages with the customer about the photoshoot and share ideas directly through our platform

How It Works
We help you grow your business while doing what you love
01  Setup your offers
Create bundles with your own rates, and set up your availability for photoshoots and begin accepting bookings.
02   Integrate to your website
Follow easy steps to display the bundles on your website
03  Accept Bookings
Once a customer books a photoshoot, we will authorize payment and your slot will be booked.
04  Share the photos
Directly send the photos to our customers through our system and chat with them for any details.

You are a step away from having all the tools you need to thrive.